Attention Startups: Apply Now for US-China Innovation/Investment Summit

  • WHAT: US-China Innovation/Investment Summit
  • WHEN: May 16-17 in Houston (May 18th in Austin, Dallas and Houston)
  • WHY: This Summit helps U.S. companies connect with investors and partners from China for investment, manufacturing capabilities and market access.
  • WHERE: OMNI Hotel, Houston, Texas

Are you raising next round of capital?

Are you looking for affordable manufacturing with faster output and better service?

Have you thought of licensing your technology overseas?

Are you interested in the China market, which is the largest market in the world by population?

If you answered “Yes” to any one of these questions, this Summit is for you.

G51 Amplify is proud partner with UCIS and provide the following opportunities:

UCIS B2B Matchmaking Meeting (pre-matchmaking: Now to May, Meeting: May 17th (3:30pm – 6pm): Prior to the summit, the Summit committee will match projects with appropriate investors or corporations from China based on mutual interest. Matched companies and investors will have the opportunity to have one-on-one in-depth conversation on May 17th. If you are interested in this opportunity:

  1. Fill out the quick survey here  and
  2. Send your company’s executive summary and slide deck to (name your email subject “matchmaking submission_your company name”).

Note: We don’t require summit registration to submit matchmaking request. Once you decide to attend the event, you can register at the Summit website .

Exhibition (May 17th: 8:00 am – 6:00 pm)

UCIS provides a limited number of showcase tables for technology companies to showcase their products and companies. For more information, please visit the exhibition link here.

What is UCIS?

[Source: UCIS 2016]

[Source: UCIS]

UCIS is an international business conference hosted by US China Innovation Alliance (UCIA) in partnership with Houston Technology Center (HTC), Greater Houston Partnership (GHP), the University of Texas at Austin (UT Austin), Texas Medical Center (TMC), and a few other organizations in U.S. and China. The goal of UCIS is to facilitate U.S. Technology companies (including start-ups) in connecting with partners from China. In the past decade, business exchanges between the U.S. and China has grown many folds and demand for such exchange continues to surge among small and medium enterprises. By facilitating easy communication and valuable contact with Chinese counterparts, UCIS provides a platform for U.S. Companies looking for Chinese investment and market access. UCIS also works with Chinese investors and identify investment opportunities among the latest technologies and product developments in the U.S.

Who will come?

More than 150 Chinese investors, leading companies and incubators/accelerators from China and estimated more than 200 technology firms from the U.S. will be attending the 2016 U.S. China Innovation and Investment Summit.

How to get involved?

For more information, please visit the US-China Innovation/Investment Summit site 

To register, click here.

To submit your project, click here.


For more Information about how to submit your investor pitch deck to G51 to leverage our Global Network (free for startups), visit our Entrepreneurs page.


Contact information:

Accommodation: Summit Hotel, Omni Houston Hotel provides discounted rate for all summit attendees. Please book through this link:


How to Accelerate Innovation and Entrepreneurship

The # 1 challenge facing CEOs today is the rapid pace of technological innovation.* Change is happening at such a rapid rate that:

  • The average S&P 500 company lifespan is 15 years and
  • 32% of public corporations won’t be around in 5 years.**

Jim Clifton, CEO and Chairman of Gallup, and bestselling author of “The Coming Jobs War” notes that two out of the three key energy sources for job creation in America are the country’s Top 100 cities and Top 100 universities. Since SMBs (Small- & Medium-Sized Businesses) comprise 99% of all businesses within the US, most jobs are created when entrepreneurs start companies. I referred to this resource in my Boston College commencement speech and have used the top cities and universities as a founding principle for our innovation research and services with global clients.


G51 Amplify ProcessToday we are launching G51 Amplify services. G51 is focused on accelerating innovation and entrepreneurship by connecting corporate and private equity capital with high-potential companies and entrepreneurial university ecosystems. The high-potential companies can range from the Seed stage, A and B series funding to growth stage firms and Exit Planning. See diagram to the right.

Our proprietary process of curating startup deal flow and applying a rigorous method of research will help:

  • Corporations augment their global business growth and enhance their competitive advantage and
  • Family Offices diversify their investment portfolio with high-potential startups that align with their strategic objectives.


Venn Metcalfe's LawThis enables us to leverage what Bob Metcalfe, G51 Advisor and founder of the Ethernet, has coined as the Network Effect: the value of the network is directly proportional to the square of the number of users.


We offer a glimpse of the road ahead for emerging and disruptive technologies through a portfolio of G51 Amplify services. More importantly, we help streamline the corporate innovation process through an Outcome-Driven Innovation tool.


Each week we will feature blog posts that will highlight:

  1. A key insight about innovation that stems from our market research, emerging vertical market trends and our Venture Scholar program and/or
  2. A quick snapshot of the Top 3 articles about innovation that made headlines in the prior week with a brief commentary about why each is strategically important.

Stay tuned for future blog articles that can help you keep a finger on the pulse of innovation, emerging technologies and high-potential startups that can provide the tipping point for your business and investments. You can subscribe to our blog by clicking here. To keep updated on a daily basis follow us on Twitter and/or like us on Facebook.


[Rudy Garza is Founder and Partner of G51 Amplify]

*Fortune 500 Survey (June 2015)

** The Innovation Game, Cap Gemini (July 2015)